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Bianco Alberto

Efficient solid-phase synthesis of fullero-peptides using Merrifield strategy Journal Article

In: Chemical Communications (Cambridge, England), no. 25, pp. 3174–3176, 2005, ISSN: 1359-7345.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Chromatography, Fullerenes, High Pressure Liquid, I2CT, Mass Spectrometry, Peptides, Team-Bianco


Ehret-Sabatier L, Loew D, Goyffon M, Fehlbaum P, Hoffmann Jules A, van Dorsselaer A, Bulet Philippe

Characterization of novel cysteine-rich antimicrobial peptides from scorpion blood Journal Article

In: J. Biol. Chem., vol. 271, no. 47, pp. 29537–29544, 1996, ISSN: 0021-9258.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Chromatography, Cysteine, Electron, Hemolymph, Hemolysis, High Pressure Liquid, hoffmann, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy, Peptides, Scorpions

Fehlbaum P, Bulet Philippe, Chernysh S, Briand J P, Roussel J P, Letellier L, Hetru Charles, Hoffmann Jules A

Structure-activity analysis of thanatin, a 21-residue inducible insect defense peptide with sequence homology to frog skin antimicrobial peptides Journal Article

In: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., vol. 93, no. 3, pp. 1221–1225, 1996, ISSN: 0027-8424.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Amino Acid, Amphibian Proteins, Animals, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Anti-Infective Agents, Antimicrobial Cationic Peptides, Cyclic, Fungi, Gram-Negative Bacteria, Gram-Positive Bacteria, Hemiptera, hoffmann, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Microbial Sensitivity Tests, Peptides, Ranidae, Sequence Homology, Skin, Structure-Activity Relationship


Bulet Philippe, Hegy G, Lambert J, van Dorsselaer Alan, Hoffmann Jules A, Hetru Charles

Insect immunity. The inducible antibacterial peptide diptericin carries two O-glycans necessary for biological activity Journal Article

In: Biochemistry, vol. 34, no. 22, pp. 7394–7400, 1995, ISSN: 0006-2960.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Carbohydrate Sequence, Carbohydrates, Diptera, Escherichia coli, Glycopeptides, Hemolymph, hoffmann, Insect Hormones, Insect Proteins, Larva, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Plants, Trisaccharides


Bulet Philippe, Cociancich S, Reuland M, Sauber F, Bischoff R, Hegy G, Dorsselaer Van A, Hetru Charles, Hoffmann Jules A

A novel insect defensin mediates the inducible antibacterial activity in larvae of the dragonfly Aeschna cyanea (Paleoptera, Odonata) Journal Article

In: Eur. J. Biochem., vol. 209, no. 3, pp. 977–984, 1992, ISSN: 0014-2956.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Antimicrobial Cationic Peptides, Blood Bactericidal Activity, Blood Proteins, Defensins, Hemolymph, hoffmann, Insect Proteins, insects, Larva, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Peptides


Hetru Charles, Li K W, Bulet Philippe, Lagueux Marie, Hoffmann Jules A

Isolation and structural characterization of an insulin-related molecule, a predominant neuropeptide from Locusta migratoria Journal Article

In: Eur. J. Biochem., vol. 201, no. 2, pp. 495–499, 1991, ISSN: 0014-2956.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Chromatography, DNA, Female, Grasshoppers, High Pressure Liquid, hoffmann, Insect Hormones, Insulin, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Neuropeptides, Proinsulin, Protein Conformation

Lepage P, Bitsch F, Roecklin D, Keppi E, Dimarcq Jean-Luc, Reichhart Jean-Marc, Hoffmann Jules A, Roitsch C, Dorsselaer Van A

Determination of disulfide bridges in natural and recombinant insect defensin A Journal Article

In: Eur. J. Biochem., vol. 196, no. 3, pp. 735–742, 1991, ISSN: 0014-2956.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Blood Proteins, Defensins, Diptera, Disulfides, Hemolymph, hoffmann, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Recombinant Proteins, reichhart


Debono M, Barnhart M, Carrell C B, Hoffmann Jules A, Occolowitz J L, Abbott B J, Fukuda D S, Hamill R L, Biemann K, Herlihy W C

A21978C, a complex of new acidic peptide antibiotics: isolation, chemistry, and mass spectral structure elucidation Journal Article

In: J. Antibiot., vol. 40, no. 6, pp. 761–777, 1987, ISSN: 0021-8820.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Acylation, Amino Acids, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Chemical Phenomena, Chemistry, Chromatography, Cyclic, Fatty Acids, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, High Pressure Liquid, hoffmann, Hydrolysis, M3i, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Molecular Conformation, Peptides, Spectrophotometry, Streptomyces


Hetru Charles, Luu B, Hoffmann Jules A

Ecdysone conjugates: isolation and identification Journal Article

In: Meth. Enzymol., vol. 111, pp. 411–419, 1985, ISSN: 0076-6879.

BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Bombyx, Chromatography, Ecdysone, Helix (Snails), High Pressure Liquid, hoffmann, Insect Hormones, M3i, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Spectrophotometry, Structure-Activity Relationship


Hetru Charles, Lagueux Marie, Bang L, Hoffmann Jules A

Adult ovaries of Locusta migratoria contain the sequence of biosynthetic intermediates for ecdysone Journal Article

In: Life Sci., vol. 22, no. 23, pp. 2141–2154, 1978, ISSN: 0024-3205.

BibTeX | Tags: Animals, Chemical Phenomena, Chemistry, Cholesterol, Ecdysone, Female, Grasshoppers, hoffmann, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Ovary, Ovum


Bang L, Lagueux Marie, Hirn M, Hoffmann Jules A

Identification, by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, of ecdysone synthesized in the ovaries of adult female Locusta migratoria (Insecta, Orthoptera) Journal Article

In: C.R. Hebd. Seances Acad. Sci., Ser. D, Sci. Nat., vol. 283, no. 9, pp. 1081–1084, 1976.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Age Factors, Animals, Chromatography, Ecdysone, Female, Gas, Grasshoppers, hoffmann, M3i, Mass Spectrometry, Ovary