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The Laboratory of Immunology, Immunopathology and Therapeutic Chemistry (I2CT) is one of the three CNRS units of the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMC) in Strasbourg. The general objective of our research unit is to understand the molecular and cellular basis of the immune response and its dysfunctions in order to define new therapeutic pathways for targeted immuno-intervention in the treatment of autoimmune, tumoral and viral pathologies.

Most of the strategies developed aim to modulate ligand-cell receptor or ligand-molecular receptor interactions. The laboratory relies on approaches from immunology, cellular and molecular biology, organic chemistry and pharmacology, structure-function studies, physiology, animal experimentation and cellular imaging.




Immunology, immunopathology and therapeutic chemistry

Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire
2, Allée Konrad Roentgen
67084 STRASBOURG Cedex

+33(0) 3 88 41 70 19

Director and Deputy Director