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Missions :

  • The Animal Experimentation technical platform is in charge of the implementation of experimental procedures as part of protocols established by researchers, as well as the breeding management of murine strains.

Activities :

  • The technical platform manage the breeding of around thirty different mouse strains in connection with researchers, including some intricate transgenic strain. Several murine models are used, notably basic inbred strains as well as lupic mice models.
  • The Animal Experimentation platform team carries out the protocols requested by the different teams of the Unit in compliance with ethics and regulations in force.
  • The platform agents also perform different molecular biology techniques to genotype the Unit’s transgenic strains.

Composition :

  • 2 dedicated technicians

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Missions :

We produce, by solid phase synthesis and Fmoc strategy, a wide variety of peptides for our customers (public research or industry)


Under standard conditions, the length of the peptides ranges from 2 to 60 AA, the synthesis scale from 25 to 100 micromoles, and the purity is greater than 95%

Many modifications can be introduced: N-terminal acetylation, C-terminal amidation, biotinylation, conjugation (to KLH, BSA…), incorporation of exotic amino acid or fluorescent tags…

The peptides are purified and analyzed by RP-HPLC, lyophilized and then characterized by mass spectrometry (LC/MS)

The peptides are supplied with an analysis report (HPLC and mass spectrum)

Information request:

For all information requests ( peptide modifications, quotation, deadline…): Olivier Chaloin

Presentation of the UPR3572 imaging technical platform

The imaging technical platform belongs to the UPR3572 research unit of the IBMC. Its objective is to make microscopy tools and techniques available to this unit to answer the biological questions raised during the study of immune responses in normal or pathological contexts. The technical platform also works in collaboration with the UPR9002 and UPR9022 research units of the institute and interacts closely with other Strasbourg imaging platforms.


  • Develop or implement and implement imaging tools and techniques.
  • Train, help and advise users
  • Maintening the optimal performance of the systems
  • Ensure a technological watch.
  • Offer support for researchers’ projects.


  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Model: Ultracut R
  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Model: RM2235
  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Model: RM2235
  • Manufacturer: Zeiss
  • Model: Axiovert 40CFL
  • Microscope: Inverted phase contrast
  • Objectives:
MagnifiactionTypeNACoverslip correctionImmersionContrasteReference
5xCP Achromat0,12Dry440920
20xLD A-Plan0.31DryPh11006591
  • Camera : Axiocam ICc 1
  • Software : Axiovision
  • Manufacturer: Nikon
  • Model: TS100
  • Microscope: Inverted phase contrast
  • Objectives:
MagnifiactionTypeNACoverslip correctionImmersionContrasteReference
4xCFI Achro0,1DryMRP00042
10xCFI Achro0,251.2DryPh1 ADLMRP40102
20xCFI Achro LWD0.41.2DryPh1 ADLMRP46202
40xCFI Achro LWD0.551.2DryPh1 ADLMRP46402
  • Manufacturer: Motic
  • Model: AE2000
  • Microscope: Inverted phase contrast
  • Objectives:
MagnifiactionTypeNACoverslip correctionImmersionContraste
20xLWD Plan0.31.1DryPh1
40xLWD Plan0.51.1DryPh1

  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Model: DME
  • Microscope: Upright phase contrast
  • Objectives:
MagnifiactionTypeNACoverslip correctionImmersionContrasteReference
4xHI Plan0,1Dry506266
10xC Plan0,25DryPh1506078
40xC Plan0.30,17DryPh2506080
100xC Plan0.50,17OilPh3506073
  • Manufacturer: Zeiss
  • Model: Axio Observer Z1
  • Microscope: Inverted with differential interference contrast
  • Advance device : Yokogawa CSU confocal head
  • Motorized devices:
    • Objective turret
    • filter wheel
    • Stage
    • Shutter
  • Objectives:
MagnifiactionTypeNACoverslip correctionImmersionContrasteReference
10xEC Plan-Neofluar0.30.17DryPh1420341 9911
20xPlan-Apochromat0.80.17DryDIC2420650 9901
40xPlan-Apochromat1.40.17OilDIC3420762 9900
63xPlan-Apochromat1.40.17OilDIC3420782 9900
100xPlan-Apochromat1.40.17OilDIC3420792 9900
  • Wide-field fluorescence illumination
    • Source : Spectra X
    • Filter cubes:
Name Excitation (nm)Dichroic (nm)Emission (nm)
Set 49 G 365 (300-400)395420-470
Set 44 455-495510505-555
Set 43 532.5-557.5570570-640
Set 50 625-655660665-715
  • Confocal fluorescence illumintation:
    • Excitation : 405, 488, 561, 633
    • Dichroic: QDM 405+488+561+640; 13x15x0.5 (E)
    • Emission:
      • BP450/50
      • BP525/50
      • BP629/62
      • BP690/50