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INSECTARIUM is one of the platforms of the new extension of the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology in Strasbourg (IBMC). The Institute’s researchers study the control of infections, from the molecule to the living organism. The insectarium makes it possible to work on mosquitoes with human pathogens to understand how they interact and test new means of control. Indeed, mosquitoes are vectors of human pathologies of the parasitic or viral type. Throughout the world, the impact of these diseases is very significant, both in terms of the human cost (more than 400,000 deaths per year from malaria) and in economic terms (estimated at €7 billion per year).

This extension, inaugurated in 2018, is a 1250 m2 building of which 270 m2 is entirely dedicated to the breeding, transgenesis and infection of Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes.

Management of the platform

The platform is governed by the scientific manager, who is assisted in management by a technical manager. The technical manager ensures compliance with regulations and coordination of the scientific and management committees.

The scientific committee participates fully in the platform’s studies, research, exchanges and publications. It keeps a scientific and methodological watch, proposes developments and contributes to enhancing the value of the activity and developing the platform’s network.

The Management Committee implements the directives of the Scientific Committee and ensures the quality of the services offered. It organises the practical management of the laboratories, training and exercises.

The premises and associated organisational measures are guided by compliance with European Directives 2009/41/EC and 2000/54/EC on measures for the containment of GMOs and pathogens. The platform is not ISO 9001 certified, but a quality approach based on the ISO 9001 reference system has been initiated with, initially, the drafting of safety and operating procedures following a quality document management model.




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