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Research topic 1. Basic investigative research

We are looking for new concepts in immuno-micro-environmental interactions by studying lymphoid organs (bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes) and tissues (barrier surfaces, such as skin or respiratory surfaces) in mice and whenever possible in humans. We study the development of the immune system, regulatory networks and effector functions in the context of infectious diseases, inflammation and cancer. We propose new models recapitulating the relevant molecular networks.

For example, we have shown that lymphatic endothelial cells create a niche for a subset of lymph node macrophages involved in the anti-pathogenic and anti-cancer immune response (Camara et al. Immunity, 2019). We now extend the analysis to other organs and investigate the functional importance of these niches for different cell types.

Publications on this topic:

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CXCL13, CD35 stromal cells and B220 cells in a murin lymph node visualized by light sheet microscopy