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Stras-RNA Salon

The STRAS-RNA Salon is a program supported by the RNA society that gathers a strong community of scientists working on RNA Biology in Strasbourg (France) including 4 different research units (RNA, M3I, IBMP and GMGM) located on the University central campus. Numerous organisms are studied : bacteria, viruses, protozoans, insects, plants, mammals, and diverse aspects of the RNA world are approached including RNA in gene regulation, epitranscriptomic and RNA modifications, RNA in pathogenicity and diseases, RNA in translation, RNA in cell-to-cell communication.

The program includes three types of activities for a total of five events during the year:

  • external seminars from outstanding high-profile external speakers,
  • a one-day RNA club meeting focusing on specific RNA topics including methodological, interdisciplinary and “hot-spot” aspects,
  • a one-day workshop fully organized by young researchers (meeting, training, video sketches…).

These STRAS-RNA activities are aimed:

  • to facilitate collaborations between researchers working in RNA biology on various models and with diverse methodologies ,
  • to foster discussions on the future of RNA biology,
  • to introduce novel on-site technological platforms,
  • to contribute to the international visibility of the research units through the invitation of renowned scientists,
  • to promote, educate, and encourage undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in RNA research, and help them in the development of their careers.
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