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Researchers, PhD students, engineers and technicians of our Research Unit take part in science outreach and science promotion actions.

Meet us at the Fête de la Science, in high schools during the Déclic operations, or even at the Vaisseau with Ose La recherche!

But while waiting to meet you, we offer you some videos.

Film: Diving into the heart of the molecules of life

English version:

Contact: Claude Sauter

Script: Claude Sauter

Direction: Dominique Sauter

Production: Dominique Sauter & Claude Sauter

Taking atomic snapshots is very important to biologists who want to understand the architecture of the macromolecules that make up our cells. However, these nano-objects are far too small to be observed with a microscope. This is why other methods such as X-ray crystallography are needed to provide accurate images at an atomic scale. This film, “Diving into the heart of the molecules of life,” follows the different steps of a crystallographic study and describes the work of researchers at CNRS (ARN laboratory, Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg), from the purification of a macromolecule from living cells, its crystallisation and the analysis of the crystals using synchrotron radiation, to the assembly of a three-dimensional image. This movie covers several aspects of scientists’ work which are not widely known: the cloning of biomolecules, the use of large instruments such as synchrotron X-ray sources, and 3D visualisation.

Film: Microfluidics and 3D visualization of molecules

English version:

Contact: Claude Sauter

Screenplay: Raphaël De Wijn et Claude Sauter

Realization: Claude Sauter

Videographers: Caroline Paulus, Kévin Rollet, Raphaël De Wijn et Claude Sauter

Narrator: Clarissa Worsdale

Edition & SFX: Claude Sauter et François Schnell

Music: Summer, Hipjazz & The Lounge

This video presents a microfluidic chip created in the laboratory to produce and analyze crystals of biomolecules and obtain a 3D image of them.

360° film: Diving into the world of microfluidics and synthetic biology

360-degree tour of a research laboratory

French version

Contact: Michaël Ryckelynck

Script: Agnès Gaudry et Farah Bouhedda

Direction : Matthias Ory et Agnès Gaudry

Production: Agnès Gaudry

Film: Introduction to microfluidics

Contact: Michaël Ryckelynck

Script: Farah Bouhedda et Agnès Gaudry

Direction: Agnès Gaudry

Production: Nathacha Dentz & Agnès Gaudry

Production: Agnès Gaudry