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As part of its research training activity, our laboratory “Architecture and Reactivity of the arN” offers internships to Master 2 students as well as thesis offers.

These offers are accessible to students at the University of Strasbourg (specialities “Integrated Molecular and Cellular Biology”, “Microorganism Biology” and “Physiopathology: from molecule to man”) as well as to students from other French and foreign universities.

What is IMCBio?

The IMCBio University Research School, winner of the Investment for the Future Programme, is an unprecedented integrated training programme from the Master’s to the Doctorate level, focused on integrative molecular and cellular biology, bringing together:

  • 4 laboratories of excellence
  • 3 national infrastructures in health biology
  • 1 equipment of excellence, the I2MC insectarium

The IMCBio wishes to attract the best students who wish to become researchers to train them in research through research. The objective will be to train a new generation of researchers capable of working at the interfaces of biology through:

  • At the Master’s level:
    • additional laboratory internships
    • complementary training modules to the existing Masters courses
    • summer schools, seminars and workshops throughout the training course
  • At the doctoral level:
    • a high-level training programme, provided by numerous researchers and engineers for the doctorate level
    • opportunities for mobility during the PhD

With the joint support of the University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Life Sciences and Life and Health Doctoral School), the CNRS and Inserm, this project, which is based on the “graduate school” model, has the threefold ambition of strongly linking training to research, of enhancing the thematic strengths of the Strasbourg site and of contributing to its international influence.

Project leaders: Bertrand Séraphin, DR CNRS, Director of IGBMC; Nicolas Matt, MCU UNISTRA, IBMC

Contact: Aura Navarro, Manager IMCBio, Unistra