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Our team works at the interface of microbiology, immunology, cell biology and molecular biology. The main goal of the team is better understanding the molecular bases of Shigella virulence to improve the prevention of shigellosis. We aim at deciphering the role of oxygen during Shigella infection, focusing on the neutrophil-mediated immune response. Moreover, we are dedicated to exploring other pivotal aspects of the host-Shigella interplay, including the functions and roles of secreted virulence factors during infection.

These questions will be addressed at the different steps of the infectious process spanning from the initial invasion of epithelial cells by Shigella to the subsequent formation of infection foci and its dissemination within infected tissues. To tackle these questions comprehensively, we employ approaches involving both cultured cells and in vivo animal models for our investigations.

The research axis of the team :

  • The oxygen interplay in host-pathogen interactions
  • Myelotracker: a new neutrophil marker
  • Shigella secreted factors and host cell RNA metabolism
  • Impact of colicins during shigellosis