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Kondo J, Westhof E

The bacterial and mitochondrial ribosomal A-site molecular switches possess different conformational substates Article de journal

Dans: Nucleic Acids Res, vol. 36, no. 8, p. 2654-2666, 2008, ISBN: 18346970, (1362-4962 (Electronic) Journal Article).

Résumé | Liens | BibTeX | Étiquettes: Bacterial/*chemistry RNA, Crystallography, Messenger/chemistry RNA, Molecular Nucleic Acid Conformation Point Mutation RNA/*chemistry/genetics RNA, Ribosomal/*chemistry RNA, Transfer/chemistry, Unité ARN, WESTHOF, WESTHOF Crystallography, X-Ray Hearing Loss/genetics Humans Models


Wilhelm M., Heyman T., Friant S., Wilhelm F. X.

Heterogeneous terminal structure of Ty1 and Ty3 reverse transcripts Article de journal

Dans: Nucleic Acids Res, vol. 25, no. 11, p. 2161-6, 1997, (0305-1048 Journal Article).

Résumé | BibTeX | Étiquettes: *Nucleic, *Transcription, Acid, Calf, Chain, Conformation, DNA, Fungal/*chemistry/metabolism, Genetic, Gov't, H, Hybridization, Non-U.S., Nucleic, Plasmids/chemistry/genetics/metabolism, Polymerase, Reaction, Replication, Retroelements/*genetics, Ribonuclease, RNA, Support, Thymus/metabolism, Transfer/chemistry


Keith G.

Mobilities of modified ribonucleotides on two-dimensional cellulose thin-layer chromatography Article de journal

Dans: Biochimie, vol. 77, no. 1-2, p. 142-4, 1995, (0300-9084 Journal Article).

BibTeX | Étiquettes: *Chromatography, Layer, Purines/chemistry, Pyrimidines/chemistry, Ribonucleases/metabolism, Ribonucleotides/*chemistry, RNA, Thin, Transfer/chemistry