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Today the team of Sébastien Pfeffer publishes in PLOS pathogens a new article describing the role of Dicer protein and its partners in the immune response of human cells infected by the Sindbis virus. Follow this research in the news of the Institut National des Sciences Biologiques of CNRS.

Contact: Sébastien Pfeffer

Reference: Human DICER helicase domain recruits PKR and modulates its antiviral activity. Thomas C. Montavon, Morgane Baldaccini, Mathieu Lefèvre, Erika Girardi, Béatrice Chane-Woon-Ming, Mélanie Messmer, Philippe Hammann, Johana Chicher, Sébastien Pfeffer. PLOS Pathogens 13 mai 2021.

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