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Hi everybody,

Are you a motivated young researcher with an interest in discovering the vast world of biotechnology?

Join our trinational Forum Biotechno Est and unlock your career potential.

Here’s what to expect:

– Expert-led roundtable discussions covering Biotechnology, R&D, business management, consulting, funding innovation, recruitment, entrepreneurship and Data science in biotech.

– Practical workshops to perfect your CV, scientific communication, intellectual property and PhD valorization.

– In-person discussion with representatives from private and public partners about recruitment perspectives within the field.

– Confirmed presence of trinational companies and organizations and representatives in major actors of the ecosystem of biotechnology !

Stay tuned for updates on our speakers and partners, who will help you with valuable insights and connections to advance your Life Science career.


– Mark your calendars: Monday, October 23rd 9:00-18:00 (followed by a cocktail !)

– Venue: CCI Campus, Strasbourg

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners:

BASF SE, France Biotech, Leyton, EIT Health France, Greentech

OTTO & COMPANY Strategy Consultants GmbH, ESBS, Future Insight e.V.

CARBOGEN AMCIS, PhDOOC, Société de Biologie de Strasbourg

University of Strasbourg, Ville et Eurométropole de Strasbourg, KTUR – Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine,

Eucor – The European Campus, Pépite Etena, Réseau Alumni Université de Strasbourg, IMCBio Integrative Graduate School,

SysChem, Fondation Jean-Marie Lehn, Faculté de Chimie (UNISTRA), UPR9002, IMS (Institut du Médicament de Strasbourg),


Member associations: ADDAL PhD Association, IGBMC Students and Post-docs Board (SPB)

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For more informations, contact Radi KHODR, Doctorant, UPR9002

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