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Blaise M, Olieric V, Sauter C, Lorber B, Roy B, Karmakar S, Banerjee R, Becker H D, Kern D

Crystal structure of glutamyl-queuosine tRNAAsp synthetase complexed with L-glutamate: structural elements mediating tRNA-independent activation of glutamate and glutamylation of tRNAAsp anticodon Article de journal

Dans: J Mol Biol, vol. 381, no. 5, p. 1224-1237, 2008, ISBN: 18602926, (1089-8638 (Electronic) Journal Article Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't).

Résumé | Liens | BibTeX | Étiquettes: Adenosine Triphosphate/metabolism Amino Acid Sequence Amino Acyl-tRNA Synthetases/*chemistry Anticodon/*metabolism Base Sequence Binding Sites Catalysis Conserved Sequence Crystallography, Asp/*chemistry/genetics Regulatory Sequences, FFRUGIER, Molecular Molecular Sequence Data Nucleic Acid Conformation Nucleoside Q/*chemistry Protein Structure, Ribonucleic Acid/*genetics Thermus thermophilus/enzymology, Secondary RNA, Transfer, Unité ARN, X-Ray Escherichia coli/*enzymology Escherichia coli Proteins/*chemistry Glutamic Acid/*chemistry Models