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We produce, by solid phase synthesis and Fmoc strategy, a wide variety of peptides for our customers (public research or industry)


Under standard conditions, the length of the peptides ranges from 2 to 60 AA, the synthesis scale from 25 to 100 micromoles, and the purity is greater than 95%

Many modifications can be introduced: N-terminal acetylation, C-terminal amidation, biotinylation, conjugation (to KLH, BSA…), incorporation of exotic amino acid or fluorescent tags…

The peptides are purified and analyzed by RP-HPLC, lyophilized and then characterized by mass spectrometry (LC/MS)

The peptides are supplied with an analysis report (HPLC and mass spectrum)

Information request:

For all information requests ( peptide modifications, quotation, deadline…): Olivier Chaloin