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Xu Rui, Lou Yanyan, Tidu Antonin, Bulet Philippe, Heinekamp Thorsten, Martin Franck, Brakhage Axel, Li Zi, Liégeois Samuel, Ferrandon Dominique

The Toll pathway mediates Drosophila resilience to Aspergillus mycotoxins through specific Bomanins Journal Article

In: EMBO Rep, pp. e56036, 2022, ISSN: 1469-3178.

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Sosnowski P., Tidu A., Eriani G., Westhof E., Martin F.

Correlated sequence signatures are present within the genomic 5'UTR RNA and NSP1 protein in coronaviruses Journal Article

In: Rna, vol. 28, iss. 5, pp. 729-741, 2022, ISBN: 35236777, (1469-9001 (Electronic) 1355-8382 (Linking) Journal Article).

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