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Rihn B., Saliou C., Bottin M. C., Keith G., Packer L.

From ancient remedies to modern therapeutics: pine bark uses in skin disorders revisited Journal Article

In: Phytother Res, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 76-8, 2001, (0951-418x Journal Article).

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: *Plants, Cell, Diseases/drug, effects, Expression, Flavonoids/*pharmacology/therapeutic, Gene, Human, Keratinocytes/*drug, Line/drug, Medicinal, Regulation, Skin, therapy/*genetics, use


Pfeiffer P., Jung J. L., Heitzler J., Keith G.

Unusual structure of the double-stranded RNA associated with the '447' cytoplasmic male sterility in Vicia faba Journal Article

In: J Gen Virol, vol. 74, no. Pt 6, pp. 1167-73, 1993, (0022-1317 Journal Article).

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: *Plants, &, Base, Bodies, Cytoplasm, Data, Extrachromosomal, Fabaceae/*genetics, Genetic, Inclusion, Infertility/genetics, Inheritance/*genetics, Medicinal, Molecular, Pollen/genetics, purification, Replicase/metabolism, RNA, RNA/*genetics/isolation, Sequence, Transcription, Viral