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Dear colleagues,

We will be organizing a CNRS-supported summer school (« école thématique ») from October 16 to 20, on small regulatory RNAs (microRNAs, siRNAs and piRNAs). In contrast to classical scientific conferences, « écoles thématiques » offer a coordinated series of lectures, in order to present a given scientific domain in a pedagogical and encyclopedic manner (the first lectures are devoted to general notions in the field, then the teaching schedule will progressively explore more specialized subjects, in order to provide a global, consistent and up-to-date view of the whole scientific domain). Lectures will be given in English. Intended audience: researchers, engineers, students and postdocs who wish to get familiar with the field of small regulatory RNAs (examples: your research project has led you to get interested in a given small regulatory RNA, without being a specialist yourself; you wish to get a notion of the general landscape of the literature on this topic, distinguishing well-established knowledge from controversies; you are starting a project dealing with small regulatory RNAs;…). A previous issue of this summer school has been organized in October 2019, then a second one in November 2021. The content of introductory lectures (i.e.: the first half day of lectures) of the 2019 issue is accessible in French language, in a written document on the HAL repository: The program offered in 2023 will be very similar to that of 2019 and 2021. Registration is free for CNRS employees, and members of other academic institutions, as well as students, will benefit from a special price. The summer school will be limited to 40 attendees: pre-registration is now open, it will remain open till July 13, then if the number of pre-registered attendees exceeds 40, the organization committee and the scientific committee will have to select attendees among the list of pre-registered persons (it will also probably be possible to increase the total number of attendees, within reasonable limits). Information and pre-registration: on the summer school’s website, We will be looking forward to seeing you in October in Sète!


Dates et horaires

from October 16, 2023 to October 20, 2023 / from 09:00 at 17:00


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