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On November 30 2021, the IMCBio graduate school hosted an afternoon for our 48 PhD students starting their doctoral thesis work in our “Cluster Research” Labs (INRT/NetRNA/MitoCross and HepSYS). The students were invited to the IGBMC Auditorium (in Illkirch) to get to know the IMCBio program and the courses offered, as well as about eight different research platforms associated to IMCBio, four of them being part of national research infrastructures (phenomin, celphedia, frisbi and France-génomique). This program was complemented by a refreshments and cookies get-together at the end of the event, where students had a chance to talk to the part of the IMCBio governors, as well as the platform managers to establish potential interactions.

A tweet was shared by one of the platform managers live from a friendly atmosphere:

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