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On May 18th, the StrasRNA Salon was back at IBMP organized by PhD Students for PhD Students and researchers on RNA world, with a special guest Ciaran Condon from IBPC (Paris) who presented his team work on maturation and degradation of RNA in Gram-positive bacteria. During this day, PhD Students from IBMC, IBMP and IPCB presented their work either by 10-min talks or posters or short videos called science sketches. One student in each category was awarded by the scientific audience:

  • Léna Coudray (IBMC – UPR 9002/IBMP) for the best talk on “Examples of the functional and structural diversity of NYN nucleases”
  • Orian Gilmer (IBMC – UPR 9002) for the best poster “Toward the 3D structure of the HIV-1 genomic RNA 5’untranslated region during replication late phase events”
  • Monika Vilimova (IBMC – UPR 9002) for the best science sketch on “Regulation of cluster viral microRNAs in KSHV infection”
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